SHIVITEX Salt Free Dyes are produced using membrane technology, Reverse Osmosis. Since salt and other impurities are removed during this process, the end product possess improved brilliancy and are environment friendly..

SHIVITEX Salt Free Dyes are mainly used to make liquid dyes. Since the salt contents are reduced the solubility also increases. Due to this the dye becomes stable at the time of making liquid and can be retained for a longer time. Moreover, due to high solubility the fastness properties also improve a lot.

SHIVITEX offers salt free dyes on a large scale. Following products are regularly available in salt free version. However, almost all of the dyestuffs can be made salt free as per requirement.
Dye Class Salt Free Dyes Colour Index Name
Vinyl Sulphone SHIVITEX Yellow GR 150% Reactive Yellow 15
Vinyl Sulphone SHIVITEX Yellow GL 165% Reactive Yellow 37
Vinyl Sulphone SHIVITEX Yellow FG 220% Reactive Yellow 42
Vinyl Sulphone SHIVITEX Yellow 7GL 150% Reactive Yellow 57A
Vinyl Sulphone SHIVITEX Yellow 4GL 250% Reactive Yellow 160A
Vinyl Sulphone SHIVITEX Golden Yellow RNL 200% Reactive Orange 107
Vinyl Sulphone SHIVITEX Red BS 175% Reactive Red 111
Vinyl Sulphone SHIVITEX Red F3B 150% Reactive Red 180
Vinyl Sulphone SHIVITEX Violet 5R 240% Reactive Violet 5
Vinyl Sulphone SHIVITEX Brilliant Blue BB 250% Reactive Blue 220
Vinyl Sulphone SHIVITEX Turquoise Blue G 266% Reactive Blue 21
Vinyl Sulphone SHIVITEX Black B 165% Reactive Black 5
Bifunctional SHIVITEX Yellow ME4GL 250% Reactive Yellow 186
Bifunctional SHIVITEX Golden Yellow MERL 200% Reactive Yellow 145A
Bifunctional SHIVITEX Golden Yellow ME2RL 200% Reactive Yellow 205
Bifunctional SHIVITEX Orange ME2RL 200% Reactive Orange 122
Bifunctional SHIVITEX Orange ME2RL 180% Reactive Orange 127
Bifunctional SHIVITEX Red ME4BL 230% Reactive Red 195A
Bifunctional SHIVITEX Red ME6BL 200% Reactive Red 196
Bifunctional SHIVITEX Navy Blue BRF 150% Reactive Blue 221
HE Type SHIVITEX Yellow HE6G 220% Reactive Yellow 135
HE Type SHIVITEX Red HE7B 210% Reactive Red 141
HE Type SHIVITEX Navy Blue HER 175% Reactive Blue 171
HE Type SHIVITEX Blue HEGN 200% Reactive Blue 198
Hot Brand SHIVITEX Yellow P6-GS 175% Reactive Yellow 95
Hot Brand SHIVITEX Yellow H4G 230% Reactive Yellow 18
Hot Brand SHIVITEX Golden Yellow HR 190% Reactive Orange 12
Hot Brand SHIVITEX Orange H2R 150% Reactive Orange 13
Hot Brand SHIVITEX Red PB 125% Reactive Red 24
Hot Brand SHIVITEX Red P6B 125% Reactive Red 218
Hot Brand SHIVITEX Blue H5R 200% Reactive Blue 13
Hot Brand SHIVITEX Supra Blue H3RP 150% Reactive Blue 49
Hot Brand SHIVITEX Black PGR 150% Not Indexed
Hot Brand SHIVITEX Black PN 150% Reactive Black 8
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